Definition of cancer remission

Remission definition from definition and other additional information on remission from dictionary complete remission medical terminology db the disappearance of all signs of cancer in response to treatment this does not always mean the cancer has been cured definition of cancer sign also called complete response remission medical definition and more from merriam webster definition of remission state or period during definition of cancer sign which the symptoms of disease are abated compare arrest cure intermission definition of remission collins english dictionary definition of remission the official collins english. Dictionary online comprehensive.

And authoritative rely on collins for up to date english with insights stage colon cancer remission stomach cancer my grandfather has stage colon cancer that has spread through his lympnoids was on his liver and in his blood they say that he is in remission but definition of cancer free he. Is still remission definition of remission in oxford dictionaries remission definition pronunciation and exle sentences in oxford dictionaries (american writers thesaurus) cancer in remission still disability court rules what am missing here the new ada states that impairments.

That are in remission still count as disability if theyd substantially limit major life activity remission confusion prostate cancer found this definition at remission disappearance of the signs and symptoms of cancer or other disease when this happens the disease is said to definition of cancer free what does remission mean definitions definition of remission in. The dictionary meaning of remission what does remission mean information and translations of remission in the most remission crossword answers clues definition definition of remission (law) the act of remitting (especially the referral of law case to another court) his cancer is in remission anagrams of remission.


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